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Short Bio

Turbulent is a green-tech company developing vortex water turbines for low-head micro hydropower in rivers or canals. The Vortex turbine is designed to be a continuous, resilient and cost-effective alternative to the existing low-head hydropower, traditional hydropower as well as intermittent energy solutions such as solar systems, diesel generators and small wind turbines. Current development is focused in on-site generation for on-grid and off-grid installations.

Turbulent Quick Facts
  • Due to the intermittency of wind and solar production, hydropower is one of the most attractive and intriguing solutions to harness energy, yet there are not many types of viable technologies for low-head hydropower.

  • Turbulent low-head vortex turbines use the natural flow of the stream.

  • The turbines are designed for continuous energy, decentralized, damless, easy-to-install, low-maintenance, fish-friendly, remotely monitored, without  flood risk and with a long operating life.

  • As a run-in-river technology, Turbulent has one of the lowest carbon footprint of all electricity generation technologies as it requires much less raw materials (steel, concrete) than most. (Source, UK Parliament)

  • The Turbulent micro-hydropower plant has a considerably lower cost than traditional hydropower and a competitive price to solar plant with batteries.

  • To produce the same amount of continuous power as a Turbulent turbine, you would have to install a solar plant the size of a football field. The Turbulent turbine needs only 8% of that space.

  • In 2018 Turbulent went viral, reaching more than 100 million views in social media. Since then, Turbulent has received more than 15,000 requests for its projects from distributors, customers and investors.

Prizes & Awards

2018 3rd place. EIT Venture Award. Budapest

2018 Winner. DemoDay, Start it KBC

2016 1st prize. CleanTech Challenge Belgium. Leiden, Belgium

2016 1st prize. Engie Endeavor Innovation South America. Santiago, Chile

2016 1st prize. Orcelle: Future Of Logistics Award. Ocean Exchange. Orcelle. Savannah, USA

2016 Innovators under 35, MIT Technology review, Boston, USA

2016 Winner P18 Incubator

2015 1st prize. Pitch Startup Nations Summit. Best startup in the world. Monterrey, Mexico

2015 1st prize. Startup Chile Incubator

2015 3rd place. Hello Tomorrow Challenge. Paris, France

2014 Winner of Cleantech Challenge Belgium. Leuven, Belgium

2014 2nd place. Cleantech Challenge International

London, UK

Partners & Supporters

Inno Energy, Engie, KU Leuven, P18, Flanders Investment & Trade, Clean Tech Flanders, Start it KBC, Alliance for Rural Electrification among others.

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18/11/2018  Turbulent raises 3.2 million euro in Series A funding round to fuel its ambitious international business plans.

18/11/2018  Turbulent raises 3.2 million euro in Series A funding round to fuel its ambitious international business plans.

18/11/2018  Turbulent raises 3.2 million euro in Series A funding round to fuel its ambitious international business plans.

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