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We develop Living Rivers™

When developing projects, we are not only focussing on installing a turbine that generates energy.

We develop an ecosystem that preserves the biodiversity and maximises the positive impact in the surrounding area.

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Our action points

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A slow RPM impeller with a design that creates low shear stress. The slow rate of pressure difference over the blade ensures that this turbine lets all fish and aquatic life pass by unharmed. 

Case Study

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At Turbulent, our work doesn't stop at the energy output. We work with our clients to ensure a smart usage of the energy and the grid. This can be done by optimising the load, for example by powering heavy users during the night, and coupling alternative energy sources during peak hours. 

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When developing a site, we also study the regional situation. Of course, our turbines are flood proof, but we can also include ways to prevent flooding in the area in our civil works design.



Turbulent wants to empower local communities by transferring knowledge to the people. This is a win-win situation where workers gain experience in installing hydro, and support is readily-available in the region. 

Sustainable development goals.

Turbulent micro-hydropower plants successfully address all the challenges other renewable energies are facing: energy security, low capacity factors, big land areas, and last but not least the unpredictability caused by weather and day-night cycle.


Turbulent works with nature, not against it.

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To learn more about our action towards the SDG's, read our

dedicated blog post.

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