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Start your project!

Turbulent is working with a growing network of global partners to ensure an optimal local support and availability for our technology. 

Either you want to install a single turbine or have projects aiming to electrify entire regions, our local partners are looking to assess your project and find the best solution for you.

We are also looking for qualified companies to expand our global franchise network!



A peek into the process:


  • First report

  • Primary assessment/site evaluation

  • Estimation proposal and purchase agreement for detailed engineering


  • Go or No-Go on financial and technical viability

  • Detail of the implementation planning

  • Technical preparation and production documents

  • Reduce investment costs

  • Construction of the turbine with concrete and high quality materials

  • Installation and external revision of the hydraulic system and the electrical connections to the grid

  • Operational gain guarantee/high performance

  • This stage can be completed within six months

  • Corrective maintenance and system updates

  • Remote monitoring system 24/7, keeping the performance of the system high

  • Guarantee of energy availability and system efficiency

Got questions?

At Turbulent, we made sure to make our technology transparent by offering a great number of guides, tutorials and spec sheets.

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