100+500 kW Vortex Plant:

SJS Development

Ylang, Taiwan

This project is the first micro-hydro power plant to be installed in a natural river in Taiwan. It will generate a total of 600 kilowatts of continuous power from separate core units installed in the Annong river, one of the most scenic rivers in Yilan County, Taiwan. The energy will be injected into the grid, generating a new revenue stream for SJS Development. The company is also aiming for a joint cooperation with other local businesses to create the first community-made micro-hydro power plant.


Stretching over 17.2 km, the Annong river is formed by the tailwater of the Langyan Power plant and it fertilizes more than 50 km2 of farmlands. The river is also used for whitewater rafting, which is, most of the time, an excellent signal of the suitability of the stream for Turbulent turbines.

For comparison: by installing the Turbulent technology, the emission of 744 tons of CO2 will be avoided. Coming soon!

Project Specs:
  • First 100 kW turbine operational in 2021. Remaining 500 kW to be developed in 2021 -2022.

  • 100 kW turbine: Nominal flow of 5.8 m3/s and net head of 3.3m

  • 4 years to break even (100 kW turbine)

  • Reduction of 744 tons of CO2-eq / yr (100 kW turbine only)

  • On-grid


120 to 150 kW Vortex Plant:


Mindanao, Philippines

Turbulent has received a grant from the Belgian government to develop between 120 to 150 kW of continuous energy for 3000 people living in a remote village in Mindanao, Philippines. The village has currently a very unstable connection to the electrical grid, often suffering from blackouts.

Project Specs:
  • On-grid

  • More information soon.


15 kW Vortex Turbine:


Electrification of rural communities in Suriname. More information coming soon.

Project Specs:
  • Off-grid 

  • Estimated energy consumption for 100 local households 

5 kW Vortex Turbine:

Vale das Lobas 

Sobral Pichorro, Portugal

This turbine will generate clean and reliable electricity to power a restaurant in Vale das Lobas Nature & Health Sanctuary, in the heart of rural Portugal. Lager da Ribeira, an ancient granite olive mill, is being transformed into an amazing riverside restaurant. The turbine will be located underneath a glass floor, creating an astonishing view for visitors and locals interested in learning more about the power of micro-hydropower and sustainability.

Project Specs:
  • Off-grid 

  • Estimated energy consumption for a restaurant 

  • Canal with a nominal flow of 0,75 m3/s. and net head of 1.5 m.

5 kW Vortex Turbine:

Mapuche Community

Cunco, Chile

The turbine was made to bring electricity to the indigenous Indian Community of Mapuche, and was installed by local people with the help of our expert engineers on site and provides energy to six households. The indigenous religious chief blessed the project as it was built out of respect to the natural environment and wildlife.

The project is currently in the mechanical/electrical finishing process. 

Project supported by the Belgian NGO Academics For Development 

Project Specs:
  • Basin made from on-site concrete. 

  • 100-meter bypass made of concrete pipes. 

  • River with a flow of 2 to 4 m3/s. 0.9m3/s used for turbine with a head of 1.5m.


5.5 kW Vortex Turbine:


Versailles, France

The turbine will provide electricity to the Carré de Réunion, a chemical-free wastewater treatment plant in Versailles, France. Since 2017, it is the largest membrane treatment unit in Europe; a mix of green innovation beautifully blending into the classified plain of the Palace of Versailles. ​

Project Specs:
  • On-grid 

  • Estimated energy consumption for 8.5 households 

  • Reduction of 34 ton CO2-eq/year. 

  • Canal with a nominal flow of 0,7 m3/s. and net head of 3.2 m.


13 kW Vortex Turbine: Green School
Bali, Indonesia

The turbine supplies reliable energy to the Green School, the world-famous sustainable school located next to the Ayung river in Bali, Indonesia. Our 13 kilowatts vortex Turbine benefits more than seven hundred students, teachers and staff.


The turbine was inserted into a pre-existing concrete basin. It was custom-designed to spin in a counterclockwise direction. In addition, the installation does not produce noise pollution: it is very quiet, with minimal squeaking and vibration.


Finally, they will earn their investment back within four years. Turbulent is currently engaging in distributor and development partnerships within the ASEAN region.

Project Specs:
  • Already existing concrete basin

  • 1.57m3/s and vortex water height of 1.85m

  • 4 years to break even

  • Very quiet (minimal squeaking, vibration) 

  • Stainless blades allow stones and other debris up to 10cm in diameter to pass

5.5 kW Vortex Turbine: Private House

Otepää, Estonia

This 5.5 kW vortex turbine provides reliable, off-grid electricity for a private house in Otepää, a small town situated in the southern Estonian hills and valleys.


The house is in the middle of beautiful natural landscapes and due to its remote location, our customer had to use a diesel generator in lack of better alternatives.


Fortunately, they had a river passing nearby and discovered the Turbulent vortex turbine. When our customer saw our viral video, he felt so inspired he started to build the civil works himself before even contacting the Turbulent team.


Our vortex turbine will save them 17 tons of CO2 per year.

Project Specs:
  • Already existing concrete basin

  • 0.75 m3/s and vortex water height of 1.6 m

  • Continuous green energy

  • Very quiet (minimal squeaking, vibration) 

  • Casted blades allow stones and other debris up to 10cm in diameter to pass


15 kW Vortex Turbine:

Molino California

Donihue, Chile

The turbine in Donihue has been active since January 9, 2018, and in full operational mode since March 2018. It provides renewable energy for a local avicultural farm, and was built by local Chilean craftsmen with the help of our engineers.

Project Specs:
  • Basin made out of reinforced concrete (2 weeks)*

  • Core components installed in 2 days after delivery to site

  • Flow of 1.65 m3/s and a head of 1.7m

  • Produces 15kW 24/7 

  • Able to pass sand, and stone debris up to 10cm in diameter