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Yilan, Taiwan - 100 kW

100 kW Vortex Plant:
SJS Development
Ylang, Taiwan

This project is the first micro-hydro power plant to be installed in a natural river in Taiwan. It will generate a total of 100 kilowatts of continuous power from separate core units installed in the Annong river, one of the most scenic rivers in Yilan County, Taiwan. The energy will be injected into the grid, generating a new revenue stream for SJS Development. The company is also aiming for a joint cooperation with other local businesses to create the first community-made micro-hydro power plant.


Stretching over 17.2 km, the Annong river is formed by the tailwater of the Langyan Power plant and it fertilizes more than 50 km2 of farmlands. The river is also used for whitewater rafting, which is, most of the time, an excellent signal of the suitability of the stream for Turbulent turbines.

For comparison: by installing the Turbulent technology, the emission of 744 tons of CO2 per year will be avoided. Coming soon!

Project Specs:
  • First 100 kW turbine operational in 2022.

  • 100 kW turbine: Nominal flow of 5.8 m3/s and net head of 3.3m

  • 4 years to break even (100 kW turbine)

  • Reduction of 744 tons of CO2-eq / yr (100 kW turbine only)

  • On-grid

140 kW Vortex Plant:
Mindanao, Philippines

Turbulent has received a grant from the Belgian government to develop and install turbines generating 140 kW of continuous energy for 3000 people living in a remote village in Mindanao, Philippines. The village has currently a very unstable connection to the electrical grid, often suffering from blackouts.

Project Specs:
  • On-grid

  • More information soon.

Mindanao, Philippines - 140 kW
Thailand - 50 kW

50 kW Vortex Plant:

For the Grandline Innovation Company in Thailand, Turbulent is developing a new 50kW Vortex Turbine. The generated energy will mainly serve to generate profit for the company by being sold to the grid. 

Project Specs:
  • On-grid

  • 50 kW

  • More information soon.

30 kW Vortex Plant:
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Turbulent has been working together with a private customer to develop a 30kW off-grid vortex turbine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The energy generated will be used to replace the diesel generators previously used for the farming activities, and turn to green, renewable energy reducing over 220 tons of CO2 each year.

Project Specs:
  • Off-grid

  • 30 kW

  • More info coming soon

Democratic Republic of the Congo - 30 kW

15 kW Vortex Plant:
Patagonia, Chile