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140 kW Vortex Plant:

Turbulent has received a grant from the Belgian government to develop and install turbines generating 140 kW of continuous energy for 3000 people living in a remote village in the Philippines. The village has currently a very unstable connection to the electrical grid, often suffering from blackouts.

Project Specs:
  • On-grid

  • More information soon

Mindanao, Philippines - 140 kW

110 kW Vortex Plant:
Murang'a County, Kenya

In the frame of a GSTIC project and in partnership with Hydrobox Kenya, we are developing a 110 kW project made of 3x37kW Turbines along the Mathioya river, in Kiamahindu.

The project aims to support the rural electrification of an area that is poorly electrified. Among the served end users will be schools, businesses, households, factories, e-bike charging stations and more.


Project Specs:
  • To be installed in 2023

  • 110 kW

  • G-STIC Project

Hydrobx Kenya - 110 kW

60 kW Vortex Plant:
EDA Renováveis
Azores, Portugal

EDA Renováveis approached Turbulent with the objective of installing vortex turbines in the tailrace channel of the Túneis hydropower plant in the islands of the Açores Archipelago.


EDA Renováveis is a renewable energy company based in the Azores Archipelago, Portugal, that focuses on the development of hydropower, wind, photovoltaic, and geothermal power. EDA Renováveis' department of Water and Wind Resources.

The main goal was to reduce the current reliance on fossil fuels while also increasing the profitability of available water.

Project Specs:
  • Will be installed in 2023

  • 2x30 kW

  • On-grid

  • 1,67 m3/s average

  • 3.4m head

Thailand - 50 kW
Azores, Portugal - 60 kW

50 kW Vortex Plant:

For the Grandline Innovation Company in Thailand, Turbulent is developing a new 50 kW Vortex Turbine. The generated energy will mainly serve to generate profit for the company by being sold to the grid. 

Project Specs:
  • On-grid

  • 50 kW

  • More information soon.

Democratic Republic of the Congo - 30 kW

30 kW Vortex Plant:
Democratic Republic of the Congo