Hydroelectric turbines for green, decentralized energy.

We develop cost-effective hydropower plants for that can be installed in any river, canal or waterway that has a drop between 1.5 - 5 m. You can generate electricity using an individual turbine or a network of multiple turbines for higher energy demands, all designed for durability and low maintenance.

The vortex turbine.

Trash Rack

Protective trash rack for large debris. Small debris can safely pass, minimizing the risk of blockage

Core Unit

 Premium efficiency IE3 Generator and Gearbox for 24/7 operation

Sluice Gate

Automated sluice gate for flow control

Protective mesh

Preventing large debris falling iunthe turbine

Fish-Friendly Vortex

The unique basin shape turns the incoming flow into a low-pressure vortex, allowing aquatic life to pass unharmed

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Power Electronics

Highly reliable power electronics from EU manufacturers, carefully selected for long lifespan and uninterrupted operation.

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Remote Control

A leading-edge IEC-61131-3 controller takes care of safe, efficient and autonomous operation of the turbine. Secure remote control is included for predictive maintenance, upgrades & PPA implementations.

Underwater turbine from 
15 to 70 kW.

In order to check the suitability of your project, we will need a few details of your site.

  • General contact information

  • Enough flow (minimum 1000 l/s)

  • Height difference (minimum 1,5 meter)

  • GPS location (Google Earth)

  • Energy need (kWh/year)

  • Grid connection (If applicable)

  • Photos and videos

Underwater turbine from 
15 to 70 kW.


​Harness clean energy from rivers or canals that were never viable before and power communities and villages with 50 to 500 households

  • Easy transport on a small truck

  • Generate 120.000 to 560.000 kWh per year per turbine

  • Fast delivery

  • Easy civil works and installation in a couple of days

  • Generally, no water or installation permits needed.

  • A reliable and constant energy source (unlike intermittent energy sources like wind or solar)

  • Energy 24 hours, 365 days a year

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Install multiple 

Scale up your energy production by installing multiple turbines upstream and downstream.

  • Remote electrification for lighting and communications for homes, medical clinics, schools, small and medium businesses, public infrastructure, and other facilities.

  • Submersible turbines from 15 to 70 kW

  • An ideal solution for multiple locations

  • Can be installed on and off-grid

Install multiple 

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Your Output

Find out your potential output by filling in your site information. 

Why is Turbulent better?

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A low RPM impeller with a design that creates low shear stress. The slow rate of pressure difference over the blade ensures that this turbine lets all fish and aquatic life pass by unharmed. 

Case Study

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As our turbines work together with nature, they do not obstruct the normal water flow, eliminating flood risks altogether.

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Superb quality components made in EU, a trash rack for protection from large debris, and only one moving component allows this turbine to produce energy with hardly any maintenance cost.

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The vortex turbine is the smallest in its kind for each given energy level. It is preassembled and easily transported to your site.

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Provided our maintenance plan is followed, our turbines have a lifetime of 30 years.

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The turbine is fitted with monitoring software, enabling control from anywhere, anytime.


Our technology was designed with the collaboration of several Universities and recognized by MIT for its promising innovations.