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Easy set-up with  

long-lasting productivity.

Minimum site requirements.
  • Drop of 1.5 to 5 meter (5 to 16 feet) (2 sequenced turbines are possible with a 5m drop and larger flow)

  • Minimum flow of 1,5 cubic meter (53 cubic feet)/second constantly available throughout at least 9 months of the year.

  • Road nearby (to avoid unnecessary roadworks and environmental damage)

  • For On-Grid, Feed-in options nearby (ideally under 200m, to avoid lengthy line connections)

  • Ideally: 3G (or better) reception to enable remote monitoring

Minimum site requirements

single turbine.

The Turbulent vortex turbine makes hundreds of sites possible that were never viable with other technologies. Because of the Smart Concrete foundation design, new sites can be developed without many extra concrete structures.


For a single turbine system, you only need a height difference between the upstream and downstream water level of 1.5 - 5 meters and a flow that is larger than 1 cubic meter per second. 

Single Turbine
Single turbine in river/canal with sudden drop

In river

long and short.PNG

On land, 

short bypass/drop

For rivers with waterfall or sudden drop of 1.5 - 5 meters

Easy to develop

Minor modifications to river

Time to install: ~1 month, civil works included

Single turbine in river/canal with gradual drop
long and short.PNG

On land,
long bypass

For rivers with a low height difference of up to 8 meters over a distance of 100 meters

Rivers generally characterized by white water and turbulent flow

To assess a project, we require the flow and the head difference of the river over a distance of 100 meters

Multiple turbines.

Do you own multiple rivers and/or canals through the landscape?


Our easily scalable manufacturing and highly flexible, low-head design, allows us to harness the max energy potential of your streams.

If you have a canal or river with at least 5 meters over 100m distance (and flow larger than 1 cubic meter), we can install multiple, interconnected turbines which, depending on your drops and flow, can generate up to 2 megawatts or more.

Multiple Turbines

Get started.

We will ask you about...

  • A suitable site

  • Estimated head and flow

  • Basic contact info about you and —when applicable— about your company and other relevant experience

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