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We know that if you are new to the world of energy production you have serveral questions at this point, and even if you are not, some might appear. If you have any further questions or simply want to know some more, please get in touch with us.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the problem you are solving?

Most renewable energy sources face problems of profitability and rely on government grants. Solar and wind deliver an intermittent power to the grid, causing a plethora of grid instabilities. Hydropower doesn't have these problems, but large hydropower, with dams, causes other ecological side-effects such as flooding, desertification, people migration, increase of methane emission, etc. A form of decentralized green energy production with standard materials and easy installation can be used to offer a solution for off- and on-grid locations.

What is the cost of a turbine?

The cost of electric generating systems is always expressed per kW of power. Turbulent costs $4.300USD/kW.

How much revenue can a turbine generate?

The strong point of hydropower is it runs 24h a day, 7 days a week. You energy production (in kWh) will therefore be important considering the amount of money invested but will still be directly proportional to the flow of your stream.

How fast can a project be set up?

We guarantee a four month set up following signing of the contract and payment.

Is the water flow impeded by the turbine?

No, this is one of the key features of our technology. Water circulates for a few seconds in the plant before moving downstream. Therefore, no impact at all on your flow or the flow of your neighbours.

Is there a flood risk?

No dam, means no flood risk related to the installation. Your stream will behave in the same way, as before the installation.

How heavy is the maintenance of the turbine and who takes care of it?

Our maintenance work is very low and punctual. Thanks to a self cleaning rack, big debris is kept out while small debris is simply taken in the vortex and washed away. The low turning velocity also increases the lifespan of all parts. And yes, we take care of the maintenance.

Which voltages and frequencies do the turbines support?

We can fit our turbines to work with any electricity distribution standard in your country. Our operating voltages range from 200V to 480V and both 50Hz and 60Hz systems are supported.

Can your turbines be used off-grid?

Yes, our turbines can be fitted for off-grid usage. We recommend however to opt for a mains connected system. That way, your excess energy is sold, leading to a faster return on your investment.

Can I install a turbine if I already have solar panels?

Yes, you can use a hydro turbine together with solar panels or wind turbines without much trouble. Depending on the installed power, we might have to request your distributor to reinforce your connection to support the additional energy.

What's the turbine efficiency? Is there a length limit for the pipe (the distance from the power source to the site in need of energy)?

The efficiency is 60% and the limit of cabling is around 1 km, because of the cost of cabling. Most of the time the distance is also limited in Belgium because of regulation. No public roads can be crossed.

Is your turbine debris-tolerant? How does Turbulent solve the debri problem?

From the get go we designed this turbine to be debris tolerant. For one we have huge spacing between the blades. Furthermore our leading edge (front side of blade) is designed to let debris slide of.