Trash Rack

Protective trash rack for large debris. Small debris can safely pass, minimizing the risk of blockage

Core Unit

 Premium efficiency IE3 Generator and Gearbox for 24/7 operation

Sluice Gate

Automated sluice gate for flow control

Protective mesh

Preventing large debris falling over the turbine

Fish-Friendly Vortex

The unique basin shape turns the incoming flow into a low-pressure vortex, allowing aquatic life to pass unharmed

Power Electronics

Highly reliable power electronics from EU manufacturers, carefully selected for long lifespan and uninterrupted operation.

Remote Control

A leading-edge IEC-61131-3 controller takes care of safe, efficient and autonomous operation of the turbine. Secure remote control is included for predictive maintenance, upgrades & PPA implementations.

A low RPM impeller with a design that creates low shear stress. The slow rate of pressure difference over the blade ensures that this turbine lets all fish and aquatic life pass by unharmed.

As they work together with nature, our turbines do not obstruct the normal water flow, eliminating flood risks altogether.

Superb quality components made in EU, a trash rack for protection from large debris, and only one moving component allows this turbine to produce energy with hardly any maintenance cost.

The vortex turbine is the smallest in its kind for each given energy level. It is preassembled and easily transported to your site.

Provided our maintenance plan is followed, our turbines have a lifetime of 30 years.

The turbine is fitted with monitoring software, enabling control from anywhere anytime.


Hydropower is always there: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Every hour is a peak hour for hydro energy, while solar power is not available at night.

Comparing a Turbulent hydroelectric plant with a solar panel array of equivalent capacity, you will generate 8 times more energy using only 6% of the space.

Our technology was designed with the collaboration of several Universities and recognized by MIT for its promising innovations.



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