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Submission checklist

Although we have put all of our efforts into creating the easiest micro-hydropower technology out there, there are still some limitations and requirements to the process of installing a turbine.


If all of the steps below are validated, there is a good chance that your site is ready for micro-hydro!

Various factors come into play when developing a micro-hydropower project. From the costs involved in civil works, permits, to the engineering of your unit, a well thought finance model has to be taken into account. 


To provide a preliminary investment amount, we will need the following information:


  • Certified river head and flow measurements at the turbine location.

  • Inform if you are considering off-grid or on-grid installation.

  • Average energy consumption needs.

  • Description of the planned civil works.

  • Permits overview and current status.


We are eager to process your request. We invite you to complete all the information.

Only requests that provide full information will be followed up.

If you have sorted out all of the steps above, we are more than happy to assist you with your project. Whether you are an NGO, SME or want to become our partner, our team is ready to take on your project!

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