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Resilient, cost-efficient hydroelectric turbines designed to power businesses, communities and inject energy into the grid.

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Low head, Eco-friendly hydropower
inspired by nature.

An eco-friendly way to harness energy from rivers and canals with a low height difference, as a standalone project or a cluster of turbines powering entire regions. A single turbine can generate from 15 to 70 kW of constant energy around the clock.

Core Unit

Premium efficiency Generator and Gearbox for 24/7 operation

Sluice Gate

Automated sluice gate for flow control

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Low Head

A 1,5m height difference is enough for our smallest turbine

Low Flow

A 1,5m3/s flow is sufficient for our smallest turbine

Discover our tech
Our Projects

In action worldwide.

We are partnering up with companies worldwide to bring our technology closer to you.


To develop a project, Turbulent has a tried and tested project development process with state-of-the-art tools, such as a powerful GIS system to find sites all over the globe. 

Our potential projects range from 15 kW to 70 kW single turbines for small businesses or households, to clusters of turbines coupled to generate multiple megawatts of energy to electrify entire regions.

Sustainability - We call it Living Rivers™

Since the creation of our technology, our mission has been to shift energy production towards a cleaner source, that is respectful for the environment, for the communities and for the water life.​ We do not only strive to minimise our impact on the rivers and their surroundings, but also to improve their quality and to benefit the region.

Thus, we develop Living Rivers™


Training of locals and

technology transfer

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Fish Friendliness

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Zero CO2 emission



Get Started

Turbulent is working with a growing network of global partners to ensure an optimal local support and availabilty for our technology. Either you want to install a single turbine or have projects aiming to electrify entire regions, our local partners are looking to assess your project and find the best solution for you. We are also looking for qualified companies to expand our global franchise network.


"Turbulent technology will cause
a real revolution in terms of providing clean energy in remote parts
of the world."


"Turbulent tackles a social issue like renewable energy from an international vision and a self-developed
innovative product."

PHILIPPE MUYTERS / Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation

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