Low head, Eco-friendly hydropower

inspired by nature.

Resilient, cost-efficient hydroelectric turbines designed to power businesses, communities and inject energy into the grid

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Various factors come into play when developing a micro-hydropower project. From the costs involved in civil works and permits, to the engineering of your project, a well thought out finance model has to be taken into account.


Even our smallest projects will require an investment of at least 50.000 Euros (60.000 USD). They provide constant, clean and reliable energy for up to 30 European households, making it a very good investment.


Pricing Details

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If you have sorted out all of the steps above, we are more than happy to assist you with your project. Whether you are an organisation, business or want to become our partner, our team is ready to take on your project!



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"Turbulent technology will cause
a real revolution in terms of providing clean energy in remote parts
of the world."


"Turbulent tackles a social issue like renewable energy from an international vision and a self-developed
innovative product."

PHILIPPE MUYTERS / Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation

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