Who are your competitors and how are you different?

We develop our turbines specifically for ultra-low head with a low installation cost. Using the natural principle of the vortex creates a turbine that is subject to very low forces and that is fish friendly. This way we can use composites in our high unit volume production and can make the turbine light (can be carried by 4 people when it’s in modular segments) and local entrepreneurs can do the maintenance and repairs.

All other small hydropower technologies still rely on specialty components and special concrete structures. That way they always need a specialist (read German engineer flying over) to install and repair. A few companies also started using a Rankine vortex for energy production (Zotloeterer an Kouris), but they couldn’t achieve a small size and high efficiency. Most hydro power technology providers are focusing on the highest possible efficiency, but forget to design for robustness and a low maintenance design. All of these technologies require expert knowledge to maintain and repair them. Turbulent vortex turbines are designed with our end-users in mind. They are simple to maintain, simple to repair and require no expert knowledge whatsoever, to keep them going.

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