Become a Project Developer.

We are looking for experienced, trustworthy and well connected Project Developers within the local energy, micro or mini hydropower industry. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Turbulent Project Developer?

Do you have clients who need energy solutions like ours? We look for Project Developers who can help us bring our micro hydropower plants all over the world. You get state of the art technology at a competitive price, ensuring durable and profitable projects. We give fast and efficient Turbulent© certified support, to meet all your needs and expectations.

  • Fast track for project estimation (power, energy generation, type of turbine, numbers of possible centrals & estimated cost)

  • Customized Turbulent technology for the site

  • Local engineering support directly by Turbulent or official local tech reseller

  • Turbulent certified maintenance

  • Warrantied support in case of general issues within 1-2 weeks

  • Turbulent certified commissioning

  • The possibility to develop projects with energy solution that only Turbulent technology can reach

  • And more benefits according to location!

What are the requirements to become a Project Developer for Turbulent? 

Upon contacting us, we will request information from you about your experience and current situation to determine suitability. Some of the requirements we have are:

+2 years of proven experience in energy projects and project management

Have current clients looking for energy solutions from 15kW up to 1.5MW Plants

Minimum 2 sold projects with energy solutions portfolio

Management of projects of USD 50.000 - 500.000 investment

Physical presence in country of implementation



If you'd like to explore becoming a Project Developer and meet the criteria above, let's continue the conversation!

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