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Are you looking for another type of project? Here you can find all you need to know about the different types of turbines we can offer. All models can be combined and interconnected according to your site and project specifications.

Reliable, affordable  green energy.

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Underwater turbine from 
5 to 70 kW.


​Harness clean energy from rivers or canals that were never viable before and power communities and villages with 1 to 200 households

  • Easy transport on a small truck

  • Generate 40.000 to 240.000 kWh per year per turbine

  • Fast delivery

  • Easy civil works and installation in a couple of days

  • Generally, no water or installation permits needed.

  • A reliable and constant energy source (unlike intermittent energy sources like wind or solar)

  • Energy 24 hours, 365 days a year

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Generator above-water turbine from 
70 to 200 kW.


​Harness clean energy from rivers or canals that were never viable before and power businesses and villages with energy needs of more than 500.000 kWh per year.

  • Economical, long term energy

  • Generate 550.000 to 1.600.000 kWh per year per turbine

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy transport by 20ft. container

  • High ROI, low LCOE

  • One of the highest plant factor available in the hydropower

  • Easy civil works and installation in a couple of days

  • A reliable and constant energy source of energy 24 hours, 365 days a year

  • Generate high energy outputs using only 6% of the space of an equivalent solar PV plant.

  • Low OPEX due to the slow turning of the turbine, no added pressure and very few moving parts. No facilities or operators needed

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Install multiple 

Unique GIS software.

​Turbulent has developed a unique GIS software that can help you to find thousands of potential sites in your region! This innovative tool makes hydropower simpler than ever.


We can help in your project with site feasibility, installation, commissioning, and maintenance training


What do our  
customers say?

Our latest installation in The Green School Bali, provides up to 80% of the energy consumed by more than 700 students, teachers and staff. 

The 13 kW water turbine provides as much as renewable energy as a solar installation the size of four tennis courts.

Jonh Hardy, co-founder of The Green School explains:

''11 years ago we dreamt of the vortex, we dreamt of a school that was off-the-grid. And after many, many years of struggle and many false starts, we discovered the Turbulent vortex and I’m very happy to say that is working well and we certainly will consider putting one [extra] just down the river. In fact, every river in the world could have one of these, every time the river drops a meter and a half and I would totally recommend it. Local, beautiful, hydropower.’’



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