What would be a suitable stream?
What makes Turbulent the best hydropower option?





What does it cost?

Turbulent turbines are the most cost-effective option available for producing low-head hydropower.

Its quality, hardy materials and innovative design make it a long-lasting source of energy, eco and fish-friendly, with very low maintenance. Generally, the core components of our turbines will have a price range between €80 000 and €300 000.


Our smallest turbine provides energy for roughly 30 Belgian households (approximately 90 remote community households). Our biggest model can energize around 170 Belgian households (or around 500 remote community households).

To put it in perspective, this price is divided by the end-user households. This means that one Belgian household can have green energy for just a couple of thousands of euros!

How do I get one?

We value our partnership with local distributors. With their expertise in local water permits and regulations, and without the cost of bringing in a team from another area, we are able to set people like you up with our micro power plants at an incredibly affordable cost.


In order to take on a project with someone who owns a water channel, the first step is to connect with a local contractor. If we don’t already have an official distributor in your region, we can discuss how to acquire one. Reach out today to start the conversation!

Keep in mind that for this you will need to have an estimation of your available head and flow and a clear picture of the drop from the site.

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