What would be a suitable stream?
What makes Turbulent the best hydropower option?





What does it cost?

The total cost depends on several parameters like transportation, duties and taxes, permits... These vary from one country to another. The cost also depends on the site (ease of construction, length of the inlet channel,...) and of course on the size of the unit.


We promise that, comparing apples to apples, Turbulent offers the lowest LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy —The cost per kWh produced) compared to any other source of energy. Also our solution offers 24/7/365 stable and reliable energy unlike other intermittent renewable sources such as solar or wind.


Furthermore, you can get your return of investment in only four to eight years which is faster than most other renewable energy solutions.


When our solution is being used to replace diesel generators in remote areas, the payback period can be as low as two years.

In addition, our sustainable and eco-friendly technology will withstand severe weather conditions, such as floodings, which means no extra repair costs due to external factors.

How do I get one?

We value our partnership with local partners. With their expertise in local water permits and regulations, and without the cost of bringing in a team from across the globe, we are able to set people like you up with our micro power plants at an incredibly affordable cost.


In order to take on a project with someone who owns a water channel, the first step is to connect with a local contractor. If we don’t already have an official partner in your region, we can discuss how to acquire one. Reach out today to start the conversation!


Keep in mind that for this you will need to have an estimation of your available head and flow and a clear picture and/or videos of the drop from the site.

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