Our business is booming! With more than 15,000 request we've had to adopt a new automated contact system... 

A bit impersonal, we know. But it also means that we are able to effectively address your inquiry, speeding up process and saving you time while giving you the right answer.

Keep in mind: if you are contacting us for a project, we will ask you about...

If we call, we have a solution for you!

Job openings.

There are many hands involved in establishing micro hydropower plants around the world.

We have listed any positions we are currently looking to have filled. To apply for the listed jobs or for a job your particular skill-set would suit, submit an application with the button below.


Are you hands-on, ready for a Turbulent adventure?

 We always welcome motivated students working on their thesis or university projects.


We want to revolutionize the world with micro hydro. Got questions?


Project Developer


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